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Incense sticks in world-class perfumes and with longer serving ability are served by us. 

About Us

Becoming a bestseller company in an industry, filled with competition and challenges is difficult. But, we, at Swapna Konwar Enterprises, are aiming for the same as a manufacturer by introducing different, and all exciting fragrances of incense sticks. We are known by our work that is quality production of Dew Incense Stick, Sandal Incense Stick, Althea Incense Stick, Natural Fragrance Incense Stick and various others. Our array of incense sticks is pure, completely natural, slow burning and non-toxic. A variety of scents are used for making different types of incense sticks. Our offered sticks burn completely and produce pleasant fragrance while purifying air. They are largely used for pooja path and meditation and needless to say, in all spaces, they leave the air scented. Our BKS brand of incense sticks is powerful for creating positivity in spaces where they are burnt. Our incense sticks are produced to suit all environments that instigate harmony, peace, wellness and peace. 

Our Mission

To largely promote the use of an aromatic array of incense sticks that fulfill users requirement of creating a peaceful and positive environment in home, office and temple spaces. 

Our Vision 

To enjoy our position as a bestselling incense sticks manufacturing company while also introducing new scents of sticks to meet modern buying requirements of customers. 

Our Manufacturing Facility 

A large facility is owned by our strong and promising company in Pune, Maharashtra (India), where we manufacture the best range of incense sticks in a variety of powerful scents. Within the production house, we have departments such as manufacturing, finishing, quality testing, packaging and warehousing. With advanced techniques and equipment, all operations are smoothly, safely, responsibly and systematically performed in our manufacturing unit by our dedicated personnel.

Packaging Perfection

Swapna Konwar Enterprises is trusted for keeping quality standards high in Sandal Incense Stick, Althea Incense Stick, Dew Incense Stick and a variety of other incense sticks. We do it by not only focusing upon manufacturing but also packaging. Following are the factors that hint of our packaging excellence:
  • Paper based quality retaining packs and plastic pouches are used for packaging incense sticks
  • Necessary information such as price, type, fragrance, etc., is imprinted on each pack
  • Every pack of incense sticks is easy to store.